Servicing of caravan’s has always been our main focus at Absolute Caravan Care &
Accessories this is why we moved into our Balcatta Workshop.
We do have different types of Servicing for Caravan’s:
From a “9 point Safety check” to our most Comprehensive “Annual Service”.
The main areas needing regular and careful maintenance are:
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Caravan Servicing
•  Wheel Bearings and Brakes need stripping down, complete removal/cleaning of grease
out of bearings & hubs, bearings and brakes need careful checking, then bearings get
machine packed and re-fitted.

• Springs and shackles checked for wear, chassis rails, cross-members and A-frames
checked for damage/fatigue.

•Full inspection of main body components, includes body joiners, windows, doors and

•Clearance lights and wiring connections need inspection.

•Handbrake cable always needs lubrication, adjusting and regular inspection for fraying.

•Tyres need to be checked for unusual wear and correct tyre pressures, rims and wheel
nuts inspected for dents or rust.

•Electrical RCD needs testing and all fixed appliances need to be checked for operation.
RCD’s need to be installed in all caravans now as  to AS/NZS 3001:2001.
Australian/New Zealand Standard™ Electrical installations.
Relocatable premises (including caravans and mobile premises)
this can only be carried
out by a licensed Electrical Contractor
,a standard caravan technician is not aloud by
Australia electrical law to perform this test and report on its function.

•Jockey wheel, drop jacks or wind down jacks need to be lubricated and checked for

•Water Tanks, pipework and hoses need inspection for cracks and leaks.

Wheel Bearings:
Probably the most important part of caravan servicing is the attention to the Wheel Bearings, we recommend that
every 12months or 10 000km travelled the wheel bearings and hubs be removed, have all contaminated grease
completely removed then washed out, not only from the bearing itself but also the hub using our high quality
special solvents, then using another specialist machine, repack the wheel bearings with Castrol High
Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease specially formulated for Caravan and Trailer use ( we do not do this by hand
as it is proven doing it by hand can lead to grease not getting all the way through the bearing and result in
bearing failure ).
If we find any signs of deterioration, rust, pit mark, odd lines or discoloration on either the wheel bearing cone or
cup, we will contact the customer straight away, advising that the wheel bearings are not suitable to be refitted.
Caravan wheel bearings don’t have the same lifespan as your vehicle, this is due to higher loads on the wheels,
the load being closer to the centre of the caravan or the caravan is not being used as often as the vehicle, all
these affect the life of the wheel bearing

Brake Shoes:
Brake shoes wear extremely fast and even faster if you have an aggressive setting on your brake controller. They
will often start to crack on the shoe lining itself, these cracks will not make the brakes stop working but they will
make it even harder to get a proper setting from your brake controller. Once they have cracked, they will
deteriorate even quicker, ending your journey with no brakes at all, so any sighs of cracking or once they are
around 70% worn it is best to have them replaced.

Electric Brake Magnets:
The electric brake magnet is the most important and the hardest working part of your braking system. The
magnet itself usually has a 30 000 - 40,000 km life. We check the magnets for wear using the wear indicators on
the face of the magnet and when they are worn to these points it is time for replacement.
When the magnets need replacing so does the electric brake drum, most other companies will just put a new
magnet in and not bother replacing the drum to make the job cheaper, this will just wear the magnet abnormally
and result in the magnet needing to be changed again prematurely, by changing the drums this increases the
distance of the magnets life, as wheel bearings are important for moving the brakes are more important for
Is it not worth taking short cuts with your "Home Away from Home"?
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