REAL LIFE retailers offer full warranty on all our produces sold.
Unlike On-Line shopping we are a
True and Recognised Retailer of all the products
sold, this means that all the products sold from our show room, come with a full
manufacturers warranty.
Many people don't realise that by buying products from On-Line outlets they don't
get a recognised warranty because the products are deemed to be third hand
goods, warranties are not transferable to a third person and in actual fact they are
truly recognised as second hand goods.
FIAMMA to name only a few popular brands from the RV industry will not offer any
warranty to people whom have bought from on-line outlets, an on-line outlet is
generally somebody working from a home office or shed taking orders from the
Internet, in just about all the purchases made by people the on-line outlet will never
even see or ship the products themselves, but all the products warranty starts and
finishes with the on-line outlet itself and remains nontransferable to the purchasing
All the big brand manufacturers from the RV industry are now taking the same stand
against these on-line outlets who sell their products for rock bottom prices, making
the products actual worth alot less than what they really are and in time to come the
on-line companies will not be able to buy at wholesale cost, which will cause most to
go out of business.
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     Showroom Product Warranty
1.1 Unless otherwise stated in this Warranty, Absolute will at its sole discretion either replace or repair a
product that is defective in materials or workmanship within the Warranty Period without charge to the
Purchaser.  To the extent permitted by law, Absolutes determination of the cause of any defect will be
1.2 While Absolute warrants, where applicable, that the Product is free from defects in materials and
workmanship under normal use at the time of delivery, Absolute does not warrant that the Product will meet
any user specific requirements or that the operation of the Product will be uninterrupted or error-free.
1.3 To the extent permitted by law, this Warranty contains the whole of the Absolutes obligations and any
distributor and the agents, officers and employees of such distributor and of Absolute are not authorised to
vary or extend the terms of this Warranty.
1.4 The Warranty is personal to the Purchaser and is not transferable with sale of RV, Vehicle or Caravan or
sale to third person.

Any of the following circumstances will render this Warranty void:
2.1 Failure to ensure proper maintenance of the Product or any associated equipment or machinery;
2.2 Failure to pay for the Product in full or comply with Absolutes Trading Terms;
2.3 If the Purchaser sells, leases or otherwise parts with possession of the Product;
2.4 If the Purchaser moves the Product to a new site;
2.5 If the product is not installed or fitted by the correctly licenced person seen fit to do so, Absolutes
determination of the licenced person seen fit will be conclusive.

          Deemed Second Hand Sales
The sale of the Product via an online auction (such as eBay), online store or other internet website by a party
that is not an authorised distributor or reseller of the Product will be deemed to be a second hand sale and will
render this Warranty void, in accordance with paragraph 2.3 of this Warranty, as Absolute has no control over
the storage, handling, quality or safety of products sold by such persons.

This Warranty shall not apply to, or include, any of the following:
3.1 Any defect, damage, fault, failure or malfunction due to an accident, misuse, abuse, movement of the
Product to a new site, negligence, non-observance of any of the instructions supplied with the Product including
the instructions on the reverse side of this sheet ("Operating Instructions") or local regulations on the part of
any user, choice of location, improper installation, configuration or connection, faulty power supply, normal
wear and tear or any occurrence outside of Absolutes control;
3.2 A Product that is not installed or maintained strictly in accordance with the Operating Instructions;
3.3 A Product that is installed, repaired or serviced by a person who is not a qualified caravan technician,
electrician, auto electrician or electronics technician, or if non-approved parts have been fitted;
3.4 A Product that is used other than for any reasonable purpose for which it was manufactured, or is used in
a way not specified by Absolute;
3.5 Deterioration due to normal use and exposure, including abnormal environmental conditions such as
lightning strike, flood and extreme heat;
3.6 Any freight, packing and insurance expenses relating to transportation of the Product;
3.7 Any expenses relating to installation and/or removal of the Product; and
3.8 Any indirect or incidental damage of whatever nature.

         Purchaser's Obligations
4.1 The Purchaser must retain proof of purchase documentation for the Product.
4.2 Installation and maintenance of the Product and associated equipment and/or machinery is the
responsibility of the Purchaser.  The Purchaser must retain evidence that the Product was installed, and that
proper maintenance has been performed on the Product, by Absolute or a qualified trade licenced to do so, in
accordance with the Operating Instructions and recognised by Absolute.
4.3 The Purchaser must operate the Product in accordance with all of the Operating Instructions.
4.4 Upon discovery of a defect the Purchaser must return the Product to the distributor with full details of the
nature of the defect.  A written report describing the circumstances of failure must accompany the returned
Product with proof of purchase which clearly shows the date and the place of such purchase by the Purchaser.
4.5 Removal of the Product must be effected by a qualified person to do so, recognised by Absolute, to
ensure that the Warranty remains valid.
4.6 The Purchaser must prepay shipping and transportation charges, and insure the shipment or accept the
risk of loss or damage during such shipment and transportation.
4.7 Absolute will ship the repaired or replacement Product to the Purchaser freight prepaid.
4.8 If the Product is found to be working satisfactorily on return to Absolute, the Purchaser must pay Absolutes
reasonable costs of testing and inspecting the Product in addition to shipping and transportation charges.  The
Product will be returned to the Purchaser on receipt of the amount charged.
1. All goods sold will be covered by manufactures warranty first, this means if manufactures warranty requires
the goods to be returns it is up to the customer to contact the manufacturer and organise the return of the
goods, this shall remain between the customers and manufacturer, Absolute will have no involvement unless
the manufacturer has requested it.
2. All Electrical devices being returned under warranty will be have to be returned to suppler for verification of
the fault, if the fault is found to be caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, non-observance of any of the
instructions supplied, improper installation, configuration or connection, faulty supply of power or normal wear
and tear outside of Absolutes control, the product will be deemed to be outside of the warranty terms and the
customer will occur a charge for the time to determine the fault find of $180.00, the customer will be offered
to have the product repaired at the customers cost, again this will be between manufacturer and the customer.

1. Any Electrical Devise or products both 12volt and 240volt.
2. Any Special Orders, Postage Orders or Interstate Orders.
3. Any Products which have been Fixed or Installed.
4. Simply changes their mind on the product.
5. Opened, Unpacked or Used Product.
6. Registered the product in their name.
7. Returning the product outside of 14days after purchase.
1. All workshop labour shall carry 12 month warranty from the date of invoice, unless otherwise stated via a
written contract.
2. Absolute shall have first opportunity to inspect any defective labour claims and Absolutes determination of
the cause of any defect will be conclusive.  
3. Absolute shall have first opportunity to carry out any work on defective labour claims determined by
Absolute, if the customer chooses to have a third party carry out any repairs that the customer deems to be
defective without abiding by clause 2 it shall be at the customers expense and Absolute will not be held to any
of the expenses occurred to the customer.
4. If any sign of third party works (licensed or unlicensed) has been carried out after Absolute works has been
completed and if any of this works may or may not have interfered with works carried out by Absolute,
Absolute will have the right to void any or all warranty terms.
5. All workshop labour is carried out with the intent that the customer will not take the caravan, motor-home or
camper trailer off road and remain on sealed roads, any and all unsealed roads will be deemed "off road".
6. The customer agrees to all the warranty terms outlined by Absolute by engaging the services of Absolute
and signing the permission to proceed authority at time of booking in the schedule of works.
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