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2012 Winegard Sensar HV Freevision Amplified HDTV Caravan Antenna Kit

Designed for Caravan & Motorhome. The latest Winegard Sensar HV Freevision
AMPLIFIED HDTV Antenna with full mounting hardware.

The Digital TV antenna is permanently attached to your Caravan or Motorhome's roof.
It has a winds-up mast which can be rotated manually from inside your RV. The
advantage of this model over the SenSar III is that it collects vertical and horizontal
signals that covers all Australian Transmitter styles.

This antenna has been developed in the USA to be fully compatible with Australian
digital broadcast to ensure you receive great picture quality anywhere in Australia.
Kit Includes:-
Wineguard Sensar FreeVision HV antenna
Internal & External Mounting Hardware including all Fasteners
Amplifier Power Supply
6.1m Coaxial Cable & 1.4cm Coaxial Cable

Receives Standard and HD digital signals
Receives Analogue
Range 144km
Operating Voltage: 12V DC
Operating Dimensions 43.2W x 116H (cm).
Stowed Dimensions 125.3L x 11.2H (cm). (this is the size that it will require to wind
down to the roof)
Installed weight 3.13kg

DVB-T 00331
The TV antenna - DVB-T 00331 is a whip style, an absolute innovation in antennas for TV reception in
comparison to larger and bulkier TV Antennas versus performance.
In the area of terrestrial digital TV , it is especially important the quality of the image output.
Of most importance is the clean noise (lack of ) and signal strength.
The idea of putting an upstream filter to the amplifier helps to amplify alone the useful part of signal for a
more cleaned signal. The fact, then, that the amplifier is contained in the same body of the antenna reduces
possible interference. The product is fitted to a solid and stylish design and also comes with a wide range of
accessories for the assembly, allowing for easy installation to an almost Do it Yourself level and reducing
expensive costs.

- 24 dB of gain REAL (with gauge HP) in such a small size antenna;
- Protection against noise interference from mobile phones and WI-FI providing a cleaner signal.
- Filter to reject frequencies that are not useful providing clearer signal,
- Amplifier, which only works on selected frequencies providing cleaner signal.
- Quick installation: easy access to the F connector at the base.
- Universal mounting: a range of accessories allow the antenna 331 to be mounted on any surface.
- The basic SNAP-ON allows the installation in caravans and moterhomes: in case of impact against the
branches of a tree, the antenna is saved, thanks to the quick release.
- MIRROR accessory enables installation "put-and lever" to use roof racks, ladders, bike racks, etc.
- VHF Band channel DUB on where to find your favorite radio stations
- Shape Matching with radio antennas, to maintain a lean design on caravans and  motorhomes.
- Cost much more competitive for retailers to construction sites or stores.
- Much cheaper cost to the customer.
- Faster installation, fewer pieces to assemble and more convenient.
- Can be fitted by a simple hole of 12 mm = cheaper.
- Question: Why should I buy? - Answer: because it is small, works well and is cheap

Foldaway Standard Caravan TV Antenna with 4M cable

Foldaway Antennas have been proven around Australia & New Zealand.  They are compact, durable,
maintenance free and designed and built in Australia by Australians!

They are rugged with a flexible construction and multi-directional element, meaning they are tuned for VHF
& UHF & is digital compatible.

The simple attachment point is at eye level so setting up is easy.  Its top clip and bottom bracket are of a
marine grade which is tough in all types of weather.

Access to the cable is made easy because the pole locks into place on a solid mounting bracket and when
it's time to move on, everything folds down to 90mm x 500mm!

If you have a camper trailer or pop-top caravan, you will need the extra height so you can install the
Foldaway Antenna.  The Tall Boy Antenna is your best option as it comes with extra lead and a larger
storage tube.
Winegard Sensar Pro Amplifier and signal finder

Designed and built in the USA, the Sensar Pro allows you to find the highest signal strength
by rotating your antenna and watching for the best signal strength. The Sensar Pro works
with all amplified Sensar antennas.


The Sensar Pro Signal Amplifier is an ajustable amplifier unit which provides up to 10dB for
increased performance if needed.

The kit includes the following cables/outputs:
•Antenna IN
•Cable IN


•Increased 10dB.
•Dimensions 114mm x70mm x 19mm.
12V / 240v SPHERE Crystal Series Black LED TV/DVD Combo.

The Crystal Series replaced the Platinum Series in mid 2012. Thinner in design and built tougher than ever,
Sphere introduces the latest in TV technology for the RV and Leisure industry. The new range of Crystal HD
LED TV's is available in three sizes (18.5inch, 21.5inch and 23.6inch), this being 21.5inch, a sleek design
finished in black to adapt to any interior decor.


There is an integrated High Definition digital tuner and the DVD player lets you enjoy your favourite DVD,
DVD-R, DVD RW, CD, CD RW and photo CD discs.
It also has a unique USB DVR function which allows you to record digital TV programs onto a USB storage
device, even in standby mode.
The Platinum series has a 12V DC input, ideal for use in cars, boats and caravans. It will operate on voltages
from 10.8 - 17v and resists voltage fluctuations caused by your on-board power supply. Its HDMI input also
enables you to attach a gaming console or video camcorders without compromising picture or sound quality.
These are the latest 12v/240v HD TV that will connect to the related swivel wall brackets to allow the TV to be
view from anywhere inside your RV, and if mounted near a window or door using a related bracket, they can
even rotate to the outside.

•Screen Size: 21.5 inch TFT LCD
•DVD Player: DVD+/-RW, DVD-R, CD, CD-R, CD-RW,
JPEG, DivX3.11/ 4.x/ 5.x/ 6.x
•Multi Media USB MS, SD/SDHC, MMC 3 in 1 card
•Card Reader: reader and USB compatible, max
volume up to 16GB
•Tuner: Analogue/ HD Digital (MPEG4 HD ready)
•Power Requirement: DC 12V (10.8 - 17V DC) or if
preferred, use the supplied AC power adapter (AC
100V - 240V)
•Power Consumption: 60W
•Dimensions with stand: 530W x 373H x 185D (mm)
•Dimensions without stand: 530W x 337H x 52D (mm)
•Net Weight: 4.3Kg
•Native Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels
•Contrast Ratio: 800:1
•Response Time: 5ms
•Mounting holes: 75mm x 75mm (VESA Standards)
•Energy Efficiency: 4 Stars
•Screen Modes: 4:3/PS, 4:3/LB, 16:9 and Wide
3 Sizes Available:

• Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels
• Weight (TV only): 3.6Kg
• Dimensions (without stand): 292H x
462W x 52D (mm)

• Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
• Weight (TV only): 4.3Kg
• Dimensions (without stand): 337H x
532W x 52D (mm)

• Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
• Weight (TV only): 4.9Kg
• Dimensions (without stand): 360H x
574W x 52D (mm)
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